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Royal Marines Cadets are an integral part of the Sea Cadet Corps, similar to the structure of the Royal Marines as part of the Navel Service. Sea Cadet Units may open a Royal Marines Cadet Detachment, who will use the same facilities and fall under the command of the units CO.

The Royal Marines Cadets are open to Young men and women between the ages of 13 and 18.

Cadets or adult staff wear the Royal Marines blue beret, with a red 'tombstone' behind the badge. The famous “Green Beret” is for those who have passed the Commando course.


X-Ray Company have 29 Detachments and cover the East of England and Malta.


 Royal Marines Cadet Companies

Part Of The Sea Cadets


HQ Company  -  MSSC HQ


Alpha Company  -  South West


Bravo Company -  North West

Lima Company  -  London


X-Ray Company  -  Eastern


Yankee Company  -  Northern

Zulu Company  -  Southern





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The Royal Marines Cadets are set up to give young people experiences they will not forget.
The costs are kept to the absolute minimum for their parents or guardians.



“The Royal Marines cadets prove, on a daily basis, teenagers have far more to offer than they are given credit for.”






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