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  • Col John Gooenough (Saturday, July 15 17 09:57 am BST)

    As retired MCASO for Eastern Area I am so Proud and pleased to see you are all doing so well, keep up the good work all you boot necks.. Yours aye John

  • Capt J Goodenough SCC RMR Rtd (Tuesday, March 17 15 10:34 am GMT)

    Nice to see all the activity.
    SWell done to all, I find your website very interesting, which I follow closely. As a Commander of X Coy I am also very proud of you all.

  • Mike Abbott (Thursday, September 18 14 12:53 pm BST)

    very well laid out site good effort .

  • Cpl Adda (Monday, November 18 13 10:32 am GMT)

    This year has been really good. I've enjoyed all the camps and gained a lot of knowledge through out this year.:)

  • CSM (Saturday, July 13 13 05:04 pm BST)

    Website is excellent Sgt (SCC) S Sutton, you have done a fantastic job especially with the resources Page BZ

  • Dave ingham (Saturday, July 13 13 12:50 pm BST)

    Great to see how much x-ray company has grown over the last few years. You've doubled in troops since I was there! BZ. Keep up the good work!

  • janice spicer (Tuesday, March 05 13 03:17 pm GMT)

    excellent !

  • Jeffrey (Tuesday, March 05 13 01:10 pm GMT)

    You should be proud of the work you do and are an inspiration to many.

  • Tom Burlison (Wednesday, August 15 12 09:45 pm BST)

    Good website, nice to see X Coy have there own site, keep up the excellent work.

  • A/SGT Barrington (Tuesday, February 07 12 09:49 am GMT)

    Website is looking "hoofing"!
    Well put together, I will spread the word to our cadets, and collate some pictures for the site.

  • A/SGT (SCC) J Norman (Monday, January 30 12 10:38 pm GMT)

    Website is looking fantastic, will e-mail some pictures from my detachment soon!!